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Seed Property Investments is a South African company founded by aspirant investors who identified a niche in the property market and participates in the in the property space to benefit its members and others who may form alliances with the company.

The company utilizes a number of proven strategies but also innovates new strategies to grow the capital invested by its members. 

With diverse skillset and expertise, our company believes in making investing in property a rewarding experience not only for its members but for any person or company interacting at any business level.

Company Values

Professionalism, Commitment, Integrity, Diversity 

Company Vision

To be the best property investment company in South Africa and beyond.

We buy, sell and rent out residential property and thus create returns for our investors in South Africa! Let us assist you in selling your home in a better and marketable condition; and if it is rental you are looking for, let us know and we’ll make it happen for you!!
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Our Services

House and Apartment Rentals

Property Flipping
Property is acquired by the company at below the market value with the intentions to increase its market value and sell at a profit. Individuals/owner can partner with the company should they be in the market to sell their property and are requiring assistance to do so.
Property Sales
We enter into various legal agreements with the owner/seller of the property in circumstances where the owner/seller is motivated to sell or is finding it difficult to service the bond. These sales can be defined as “assisted sale” or “installment sale” agreements where the seller allows our company after valuation of the property to take over monthly repayments of the bond including, municipal accounts and levies. The agreement is conditional to registration against the title deed as the Deeds Office. 
The company will endeavor to have the property sellable at market value. 
Outright sale of property is done from available stock or property owned by the company.

Air bnb
 These are properties made available for daily rental to the public. Properties are listed for rental.
Investment Team

The company has an investment committee that is tasked with reviewing opportunities and presents them to the board for approval.

The company will do due diligence, compile report and prepare business packages for consideration by the board and investors.

How does one invest?

There are number of options; firstly, one can become a “gap-funder” and provide the amount required to transform property to be sellable. The funder could be an individual or a number of people or another company. The funders will together with Seed Property Investments invest and share returns determined according to signed agreement. 

Secondly, a person can make their property available as part of the investment. Collectively with Seed Property Investments will formalize a strategy to deal with the property to ensure equitable returns.